Fanzoj Jagdwaffen

Founded in 1790, the firm Johann Fanzoj looks back on a tradition of craftsmanship at the highest level upheld for more than nine generations.

Tradition is not an achievement.
It’s a challenge.

The company "Johann Fanzoj" produces ultra luxury hunting rifles which are built to the individual requirements of the buyer. The rifles are unique pieces of art combining artistical and technical excellence. Shunning away from mass production, the firm remains dedicated to the tradition of creating unique hunting weapons by hand.

The traditional values of a family company coupled with creative and innovative ideas for production is distinctly living on ensuring success for over two centuries.

Handcrafted in Ferlach, Austria by true masters of their trade with only one goal in mind: built unique, individual pieces of highest artistic and technical value.

Strict commitment to the highest standards of workmanship, and the fact that every single piece of the gun is crafted meticulously by hand make Fanzoj products a worldwide success.

Dedication to handcrafted excellence.

Every year a small number of exclusive guns and rifles leaves Fanzoj´s workshop, handcrafted and customized to perfection, incorporating the customer´s aesthetic preferences and precision requirements. From the elegant "Pirschstutzen", the light-weight three-barrelled rifle, to the big game double barrel rifles, every weapon is one of a kind.



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