Gyktaq app

The mobile app that connects active people playing sports. Form teams, find matching players and manage your sport activities.

It's fun to practice a group sport.
Not that much to organize it.

If you practice group sports like football you already know how hard it is to organize six per side teams. And it's getting even harder when you have to locate and reserve a pitch. Often decisions about when and where to play are taken on the go. Gyktaq app connects active players and allows them to get organized in teams, find missing players, reserve pitches and manage their sports activities.


Select the sports you practice and join local plays. Not interested in curling? No problem, you won't get details for sports that are not in your favourites list.


When you want to sport, you want it here and now. You don't care what games are available in the next city or the other part of the world. It's the location that matters.

Instant access

Prepare your gear and start playing. No more tedious searching for proper interest groups, no membership or paid access, no waiting time for approval by team admin.

Private mode

Be visible to everyone in your area or switch to private mode for friend requests only. You are in charge of your availability.

Connect with kindred people

Get social in your sport activities. Connect with people playing your sports. Find matching team players. Start new friendships.

Team up

Join and manage you participation in repeating games. It's more fun when you play with people you already know.


Gyktaq for business.

Do you rent football pitches? Or tennis courts? Maybe you are pilates instructor? Or personal trainer? Get connected with your target audience. Plan your activities. Increase your leads. Grow your business. Every business entity gets full access to our business platform. Comprehensive dashboards, advanced forecasting, operations management tools and more. You name it, Gyktaq for Business got it.



Feedback from people practicing group sports in our area confirmes the need of GykTaq app.
Pending development.
Behind the scenes
" A concept by Inextyn Labs born from the real problem experienced on a daily basis when I plan and organize my group sport activities. "
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