APS CPortal

The APS Customer Portal (cPortal) is an online collaborative platform that facilitates business communication, improves client relationship and reduces overall service time.

Advanced online tool for
world class support.

Accessible from anywhere and available to all APS customers through a simple registration process. The APS cPortal is continuously improved and upgraded with new features to provide unparalled support services for customers' business needs.

User access levels

Four different access levels with different permissions for customers, APS employees, APS admin and APS upper management.

System notifications

In case of recent activity, the system instantly shows notification. Optional, the notification is sent via email message.

Automatic replies

When customer submits an inquiry, an automatic reply is shown to provide further details on processing time.

Feedback capture

After a cliam is closed by APS employee, an automatic survey is generated and send to customer for evaluation of his satisfaction.

Personalized experience

The APS customer is in the center of cPortal: from unlimited individual accounts for every company to personalized support area.


Built around Bootstrap framework with mobile first in mind, the APS cPortal is accessible on all type of devices - smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers.




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Behind the scenes
Andreana Andreeva
Marketing Manager
APS Group / Advanced Printing Systems
" I had the privilege to work directly with Inextyn and can describe them as an extremely valuable business partner for our company. Inextyn high commitment to quality is with you from concept through to post-implementation support, providing strategies and solutions that go beyond the expected. "
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