APS Group

Established in 1995, APS Group is a leader in production of thermal printer mechanisms, controller boards and tailor-made thermal printing solutions.

"Innovation distinguishes between
a leader and a follower."

The words of Steve Jobs describe in full the leading prinicple of APS Group. Innovation in all processes and extensive product line to meet the demands of customers' applications are in the core of APS Group success.


Content with restricted access

In order to access certain parts of APS web content it is mandatory to open an APS web account. It's free and takes less than a minute to apply. A dedicated staff member reviews and approves incoming applications.

Custom-built CMS

Flexibility and plenty of options to utilize. A custom-built Content Manangement System (CMS) was developed literally from scratch to accomodate the individual requirements of the client.

Multilingual content

It is a real challenge to preserve the identical appearance when latin, cyrillic and chinese glyphs are in use. Furthermore, there are some differences in content for selected markets which requires a very subtle backend logic.




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Behind the scenes
Andreana Andreeva
Marketing Manager
APS Group / Advanced Printing Systems
" I had the privilege to work directly with Inextyn and can describe them as an extremely valuable business partner for our company. Inextyn high commitment to quality is with you from concept through to post-implementation support, providing strategies and solutions that go beyond the expected. "
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